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//K.W. MSC


K.W. is our Hostile Environment Awareness training lead as well as a highly regarded and respected Clinical Educator.


Our strength at R2Ri is the exceptional Faculty. Highly qualified and highly experienced - and K.W. is a prime example of that. An exceptional all round operator and specialist security consultant.


SIA Licensed Close Protection Officer, ex Special Forces Team Leader, highly capable and established Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Paramedic, specialist security advisor and medical training instructor with significant experience gained during a highly successful military and subsequent civilian career within the international security sector (including senior media safety role for a leading global media organisation - CNN operating as Senior Field Security Advisor and Medical Training Manager (Europe, Middle East and Africa), remote and pre-hospital care arena and UK frontline ambulance services and on SAR flights as a Winchman Paramedic. 


K.W. has real world, on the ground and consultant level experience with responsibility for effective security management and journalist safety of multiple concurrent news gathering deployments in hostile environments. In addition, responsibility for both delivery of advanced emergency and primary health care to journalists on the ground in remote, austere and hostile environments and delivering advanced first aid training to all CNN personnel deploying to potentially dangerous and hostile environments.


International operational experience gained as a Security Advisor, Royal Marines Commando Combat Medic and UK Special Forces Team Leader whilst conducting operations in challenging and complex environments across the globe. Wide ranging experience operating in theatres such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel to Africa, Northern Ireland and Norway.


Holding a Master’s Degree in Security & Risk Management, a proven professional with a tireless work ethic, able to analyse situations, provide accurate intelligence and achieve objectives within tight time frames. Flexible and highly adaptable to new people and circumstances with strong integrity, moral courage and loyalty - these latter elements being a key requirement of any of our Faculty.

Experience working in oil and gas, remote area operations, Search and Rescue and media fields as well as operational environments and in and for highly sensitive sectors, K.W. can be found heading up our HEAT and THREAT (TM) courses as well as as Clinical Lecturer and Faculty member for our PHTLS and remote area medical courses.


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