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// Remote Area and Wilderness Casualty Care (TM) Series: RAW Casualty Care (TM):

// Remote Area and Wilderness First Responder - Requalification.







‘Previously qualified with NOLS in the U.S. Both (NOLS and Remote Area Risk International) excellent with different approaches. (NOLS more ‘American’)’


'Overall, I feel this course was better (than ‘excellent’ original WFR certification undertaken with a well known and respected provider outside the UK).' 


'I felt it more enjoyable than the first one I did (another delegate who had already completed a standard length (8-10 days) WFR overseas with a  well respected provider).'



















Wilderness First Responder Requalification Courses:

Wilderness First Responders must undertake requalification assessments to revalidate their qualifications. In the U.S. most courses are of 2 years in duration and thereafter, competent delegates can undertake a 3 day requalification. The next time round, good practice dictates that they need to re-do the full course.

We issue a WFR certificate valid for 3 years. Delegates need to requalify as a WFR to keep their certification current.

We accept delegates on to WFR (R) from our own courses and also those who have undertaken a 7 day or longer WFR course (7  days or more, face to face - we will not accept shorter face to face elements) with us or with another reputable provider (we accept WFR's from NOLS, SOLO, BWLS, Wild Medix, WEMSI and others by prior approval).

During Covid, when other organisations were offering a one day online requalification/extension or a one day face to face element, we offered all private groups bespoke, stand alone, WFR (R) courses, or in the alternative, for last minute bookings, to keep qualifications alive, during covid restrictions/limitations, the opportunity to undertake the first three days of a WFR (with pre study), then practical assessments and a written exam. This enabled delegates to keep skills, knowledge and qualifications current - better than a 1 day refresher in our view. We also offered the option (our very strongly preferred option) to undertake the 7 day course at the cost fo the 3 day WFR (R) course, subject to availability.


From 2022, we revert to two requalification options:

  • A 3 day, stand alone WFR (R) for experienced WFR's who are competent and fluid in primary and secondary assessments, skills, diagnosis and evacuation decisions - who just need practice or re familiarisation and an opportunity to reconfirm their competence by way of exam, skills stations and practical assessments. This would be suitable for delegates who are using their skills on a very regular basis e.g. Ski Patrol treating patients regularly.

  • We currently allow WFR (R) delegate the opportunity to attend the full 7 day course at the cost of the 3 day WFR (subject to availability). This would be suitable for those who may not have regularly used their skills or have had little practice since their initial certification. Suitable for those who are not very confident in their skills or use their skills infrequently.

Our one day skills days  would be a very good way to both keep skills alive and practice - but also to test whether you feel you need a 3 day or 7 day requalification.

Please note that 3 day requalification courses (very obviously) cannot cover all the content from your original WFR course. WFR courses are generally 7 - 9 long days. The requal is to demonstrate your competence including by assessment. If you demonstrate competence, a WFR certificate will be issued. It is an opportunity for you to refresh knowledge of the basics, practice the basics (basics done well, every time, is what saves lives) - then demonstrate your knowledge and skills by way of exam and scenarios at the end of day 3. If you are not already very comfortable and experienced in undertaking primary and secondary assessments - and very confident of your abilities as a WFR, we recommend that you undertake the whole course instead.

The three day requals have pre requisite pre reading (and online webinar viewing) in preparation, to maximise practical and discussion time. The 3 days WFR (R) includes lectures, skill stations, scenarios, discussions, latest information, standards and protocols, demonstration and familiarisation with latest kit that WFR expedition leaders should be carrying with them, the key basics - primary and secondary assessment, CPR, plus WFR level skills and more. Delegates will be provided with access to our post course CPD portal.

The WFR (R) is assessed by way of written exam, assessed scenarios and ongoing assessment.


  • Scene Safety including infection control & PPE

  • What incidents commonly occur - what do the statistics say ?

  • Setting the context from the outset: Case scenario discussions & evacuation considerations

  • Primary and Secondary Survey refresher

  • CPR

  • Chest Injuries

  • Spinal Management/Head Injuries 

  • Wilderness Wound Management 

  • Sprains & Strains

  • Dislocations

  • Fracture Management

  • Cold Injuries & Hypothermia Wraps

  • Heat Injuries & Tacos

  • Altitude Illness including Portable Altitude Chamber practicals

  • Medical Problems in the Wilderness:

  • Cardiac

  • Respiratory

  • Neurological

  • Gender Specific

  • Anaphylaxis

  • Exam

  • Practical Testing Scenarios

Pre Requisites:


In date WFR, where the face to face elements were 7 substantial days or more i.e. a normal WFR. We will not ac kept 5 day WFR's for a 3 day requalification - we would require you to do the 7 day requalification. Our courses are delivered to current UK standards for those taking others into remote areas in a professional capacity.

Pre study will be necessary to pass the exam and assessments.

Course Dates:

2022 dates:

We are not running any more WFR requal dates in 2022. Next dates are 2023. New dates will be released in September 2022.




The National Outdoor Centre, Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia.


WFR Requal cost: £425.00 which includes course fee, certification, course materials,  plus access to (non compulsory) post course CPD materials and course manual. Delegates undertaking requal courses in 2021 can stay on for the full 7 day course at no extra cost, by prior arrangement with us (limited places available and additional certifications above WFR (R) are not included in the WFR (R) cost).


Accommodation and food are not included. We strongly recommend that delegates stay at PyB.



We have limited places to ensure social distancing and have also significantly upscaled kit to minimise cross handling of kit. Wearing of masks will be mandatory. Scenarios will be individual and/or socially distanced. Masks and face shields plus gloves and sanitiser will be issued to all delegates. There will be pre screening of all delegates prior to attending the venue. We MAY also require PCR tests to be undertaken at the venue (this is being considered). Please view the venue website regarding the steps that they are taking regarding Covid precautions - that all our delegates will have to comply with on site.

How to book:

Click the link below to access the booking course pack for the course you are interested in. Download the pack, save it your computer and you can complete the booking form electronically and email to us. Alternatively, print off the pack, complete and scan the booking form back to us. Terms and Conditions can be found in the booking pack and any booking form submitted to us is subject to these booking terms and conditions (including cancellation charges).

Booking link:


Remote Area Risk International Wilderness First Responder


3 & 7 day Requals:

‘Previously qualified with NOLS in the U.S. Both (NOLS and Remote Area Risk International) excellent with different approaches. (NOLS more ‘American’)’


Overall, I feel this course was better (than ‘excellent’ original WFR certification undertaken with a well known and respected provider outside the UK). 


I felt it more enjoyable than the first one I did (another delegate who had already completed a standard llength (8-10 days) WFR overseas with a  well respected provider).

Full 7 day courses:

The best training I’ve ever had! (emergency response field team member working in remote areas).

International Mountain Leader: “Hands down best course I’ve done in my career so far.”


Mountain Leader/Exped Leader: “More useful than all the other medical courses I have done, combined !”


Whether you found the course useful : 


Absolutely !


Definitely !


Cost is good! Value for money! 


Really good - great mix of teaching styles and personalities.


Excellent ! You will be seeing more of us (experienced Wilderness First Responder having qualified as a WFR overseas on a standard length WFR (8-10 days).


How does this compare to other courses?

Remote field scientist doing a WFR requal: Faculty were “Exceptional”.

‘More professional, thorough and engaging than previous courses’


‘Far better in every way (than previous courses)’


Great trainers with great experience and knowledge.


Very experienced and passionate communicators. A great mix.


I’ll be back. 


Good mix of indoor and outdoor lessons.


Lots of real world experience brought into the room.


Good value for money.


See you next time.


What did you find most useful ? : Depth of lectures for underpinning knowledge.


Thanks for an awesome week, looking forward to coming back.


Great for confidence and getting to know kit.


Great atmosphere and teaching techniques. 


Thank you and hopefully will be back.


Fantastic location, great atmosphere. Approachable and inspiring.

Thanks again was a great week, learnt a lot!


Thank you very much for such an awesome course. 


Good learning/teaching techniques


Fantastic trainers with wealth of experience. Good atmosphere throughout.


Great course, excellent presenters 


Brilliant practical realistic trainers 


Approachable trainers with great knowledge. Great course atmosphere. 


Excellent mood during lectures. Good fun, which is hugely appreciated. 

Veterans Charity Exped leader: “Brilliant!”.

Polar kayaking guide: “Great experience, amazing faculty.”


"The first authentic "remote area' course attended, however, it sets a strong benchmark."

“Excellent value.”

“Great resources & support provided.”

“Inspiring & really valuable.”

“Have enjoyed the continuous support & constructive learning.”


‘Invaluable learning experience’


"Far more confident dealing with a medical incident and leadership generally in the outdoors and wilderness.'

‘Really impressive knowledge but always focused on our level of understanding’

‘An intensive but really enjoyable week. My knowledge and confidence is so much stronger...’



‘I have done many 2 day outdoor first aid courses for my work and although I only book with first responders/mountain rescue, the course content is nowhere near the teaching on this course’.


‘Much more comprehensive than 2 day outdoor first aid courses. 2 day courses really not sufficient for outdoor professionals. WFR ... should be more widely encouraged.’


‘Very impressive. Couldn’t ask for more experience’


‘Very thorough and useful. Thank you !’

‘I’m naturally a very critical person. I like things correct. I simply cannot think of any improvements what so ever!!’

‘This course is on par with National Mountain Centre level standards - Glenmore Lodge, Rescue 3, Plas Y Brenin, Plas Menai. It is of that ‘ilk’ in standards and delivery’.

‘First class. Absolutely superb’

‘I have had a week with sector leaders’

‘Fantastic value for money’

‘Specialists in their field. Leaders in their field. Brilliant’

‘The wealth of information from the 3 of you and how it was delivered to us was second to none. Your different teaching styles complement each other’

‘As good as it gets’

‘Extremely helpful and often fascinating’

‘Vast amount of experience put across in extremely professional delivery styles’

‘Excellent course, highly recommended’

‘Massive experience. No egos, just teaching’

"100% one of the best things I have ever done, I can’t commend the course enough”

“Yep. Totally loved the course.   A MUST for anyone working with groups abroad and / or needing to up-skill themselves above the 16 hour Outdoor First Aid Course. Fantastic instructors, fantastic hands on kit usage and amazing venue.  Well done guys!”

“Incredible course, keep it up, so worth it, perfect”

Top possible rating for each of: instructors knowledge, ability, training resources and equipment across the board.

“Excellent Knowledge and great practical practice and use”

“Instructors have been incredible”

“It has been perfect”

“Awesome course, huge knowledge base to gain from”

“Loved every moment, the instructors are incredible.”

“Brilliant course. Loads for us to take away”


“I loved the course”

“Great to see, feel and use real kit”

“Brilliant instructors, obviously knowledgeable both theoretically and practically. This resulted in a very enjoyable and informative experience”


"Last week I had the pleasure of spending the week in Snowdonia at Plas y Brenin on a 7 day Wilderness First Responder course ran by Remote Area Risk International. Having worked in training and assessment over the past 15 years I’ve been on numerous courses, some very good and some not so much! Having some time to reflect on the course last week, I would like to thank Matt, Phil and Tim for the excellent course they delivered. From the initial introductions, I knew it would be a good week with the opportunity to mix and learn with great people from a range of diverse backgrounds and experience. Throughout the week, I felt at times I was out of my comfort zone and definitely extended my knowledge and skill set during the course. From essential background anatomy and physiology through to practical applications of real world, evidence based skills within the remote (and urban) setting. The instructors delivered the training with enthusiasm, passion and experience. Up until last weeks course, there has honestly only been two trainers that have left a lasting impression on me, I can now add a few more. If anyone is in need of a remote area first responder course, I whole heartedly recommend R2Ri, hopefully come refresher time we can all have a beer! Thanks again."