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R2Ri is a Wilderness Medical Society Affiliate.

// Remote/Wilderness Medical CPD days - skill practice with scenario.

Our Remote Area/Wilderness Medical CPD days are designed to allow day delegates to test and hone their skills prior to deployment - or just as an annual test/ self refresher, receiving feedback at the end of the scenario from an experienced remote area medic. These are NOT taught courses - but an opportunity to hone/ practice skills, in an outdoor setting, with a provided med kit, using whichever protocol you have been trained to use (DRSCABCDE/MARCH etc). Make mistakes in training, not for real. At the end of each scenario, delegates will be given a debrief by an experienced remote area medic. The day will also allow an opportunity to practice with med kit.

The scenarios will be tailored to the level of your qualification. If you have a 16 hour first aid cert, the scenario will be pitched at that level, if you are an experienced expedition doctor or Paramedic, the scenario will be pitched at that level.

Those undertaking medical training courses and providing remote area medical cover need to be as competent on the last day of their certificate's validity as they do the first - you still have to be competent to provide the medical cover to your clients. These skill days allow you to practice, test and hone your response.

Generally, we have very experienced remote area medics and first responders coming on our courses - as requalifications, CPD or training at a higher level/ specialist subject matter training. It should not be the case that a delegate working operationally,  upon undertaking a course to revalidate their qualification, be unable to do the basics. The skills days are intended as a reminder and practice session, with supportive, expert feedback at the end of each scenario. The CPD days are being run due to our observations that some candidates, who have come to us for requalification training, on courses with pre requisites and current qualifications being a requirement, could have benefited from scenario based practice on a more frequent basis than their 3 year requalification. Its a great opportunity to refresh skills and muscle memory - in a supportive, non critical setting, with friendly and constructive feedback. 

For Wilderness First Responder candidates wanting to requalify after an initial course, a skills day could also give a good indication as to whether they can simply attend a 3 day WFR Requalification (for experienced and confident WFR's with good skill retention, able to fluidly undertake primary and secondary assessments and make well thought through differential diagnosis, final diagnosis and evacuation decisions) or whether they would be better attending another 7 day Wilderness First Responder course (we allow delegates needing a WFR Requal to attend the full 7 day course at the cost of the 3 day requalification course, subject to availability). Our observation is that some candidates would benefit from a full 7 day requalificatioon, particularly if delegates don't have a strong first aid or medical background prior to their first qualification - or have not regularly used their skills).


Delegates will 'walk the course' and deal with a scenario, provide differential diagnoses, then a final diagnosis, discuss whether evacuation is necessary, receive a debrief, then move on to the next scenario. This can be as individuals or in teams.

These skills days will be held the day after our some of our Wilderness First Responder courses run. 


The National Outdoor Centre, Plas y Brenin.


2023 dates out soon.

Cost: £150.00

How to book:

Click the link below to access the booking course pack for the course you are interested in. Download the pack, save it your computer and you can complete the booking form electronically and email to us. Alternatively, print off the pack, complete and scan the booking form back to us. Terms and Conditions can be found in the booking pack and any booking form submitted to us is subject to these booking terms and conditions (including cancellation charges).

Booking link:

2023 dates out soon
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