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//Dr. K.G.


Doctor in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care, K has prolonged remote and wilderness medicine experience. She spent 2 years working as a Doctor for the British Antarctic Survey. This included an 18 month deployment to the Antarctic and subantarctic overwintering on the remote island of South Georgia as the sole medic. K was the first doctor stationed on Bird Island Research station, and spent 5 weeks as the Doctor providing care in the harsh seas of the Southern Atlantic on board the polar research vessel the RRS James Clark Ross.

K is medically trained in the UK with further training in Norway and Malta, and has provided medical care in the High Atlas, the mountains of Nepal and the jungles of Peru. 

Kis an experienced ultra distance endurance runner with numerous hard-to-achieve finishes under her belt including Spartathlon, Dragons Back, Grand Union Canal, the Centurion GrandSlam and Marathon Des Sables. She has a special interest in human health at the extremes of endurance and provides medical care to endurance events as a means to positively contribute to the running community. 

K is currently pursuing a MSc in Global and Remote Health and is conducting primary research into the stability of emergency drugs in remote and extreme environments. 

K holds a BA (Joint Hons) in Arabic and Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and Damascus University, Syria. She has lived and worked in the UK, France, Syria, Egypt and Malaysia. 


FAWM candidate. 


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