// The R2Ri team all have several factors in common:

  • They are all experts in their respective fields and have the qualifications, experience or both – to back this up.

  • They are all passionate about the subject of remote area safety.

  • They are all public spirited.


All are highly regarded in their respective fields.


Credibility is everything in this sector and at R2Ri we have a team of genuine experts. Tried, tested, experienced.


The team here at R2Ri combine to provide a unique offering. We aim to provide an exceptionally high quality of robust, current relevant and, importantly, practical solutions that work in the real world.


The team has well over a hundred and fifty years experience operating in remote areas, expeditionary and outdoor activities, including within highly specialist units within the military, endurance events, media and the exploration sectors, advising organisations operating in remote areas themselves and dealing with disasters arising from remote area locations.


Importantly, in addition to expeditionary experience where teams are usually in the field for relatively short periods of time, our team members have significant experience in prolonged field operations (and entirely different ballgame to expeditionary ventures) in very remote areas – from both civilian and military perspectives and in the planning and operational aspects necessary in advance to support those endeavours.


The team encompasses genuine experts, qualified and experienced in the fields of risk management, remote area medical, rescue, travel safety, hostage awareness, rope rescue, water rescue, travel health, sea survival, jungle, desert, temperate, mountain and arctic environments survival and operations, very senior exploration sector members with decades of experience in remote and hostile environments around the globe and with responsibility for team health and safety.


Team members sit on specialist advisory and health and safety committees within their respective expert or governing bodies and are at the forefront of development in their respective areas (e.g. the British Standards Committee that developed BS:8848. The British Standard for overseas expeditions, fieldwork and trips, leading exploration sector Occupational Safety and Health committees, leading subject matter experts who have shaped NATO training policy in specialist fields).

     // Dr. Peter B. DIMM FRGS FAWM

       // Matt D. FRGS

// Blue C.

      // Howard D. FRGS


// Colin

// Martin E. RN. FRGS FAWM

// Liz G

// Phil K. FRGS

// Simon W. FRGS

// Joe P.

// Tim B. FRGS

// Gary

// N

// Peter S.


// Dr. Hannah E. FAWM DTM&H FRGS.


// Rich B. FRGS


// Dr. 'Alby'


// K.W. MSC