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// Wound Care plus IV and IM techniques

This course is suitable for delegates with medical qualifications as well as those with advanced first aid (FREC 4 or our Remote Medical Responder: A Wilderness First Responder Course), who may need to care for others in remote areas - but who are operating under the Clinical Governance of and will be assessed as competent by their own organisation's Medics prior to deployment.

The course lasts 1 day and covers:

  • Different types of wounds

  • Wound cleaning

  • Debridement

  • Wound closure

  • Delayed closure

  • Glue use

  • Staples

  • Sutures

  • Steri strips

  • Improvised techniques

  • Dressings

  • Environment specific considerations

  • Wound Care

  • Evacuation decisions

  • IV techniques

  • IO techniques

  • Injections

Venue: The National Outdoor Centre, Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia


25 May 2024. Bookings Open.

Please note that whilst this course can be booked a stand alone course, this course is one module of a continuous run of courses (PHTLS, then R/EMO:TE Medic, then Dentistry, then Wound Care) forming elements of our R/EMO:TE Medic course. Please see the dates page for further information.

Cost £170.00

How to book:

How to book:

Click the link below to access the booking course pack for the course dates you are interested in. Download the pack, save it your computer and you can complete the booking form electronically and email to us. The booking form is editable. Alternatively, print off the pack, complete and scan the booking form back to us. Terms and Conditions can be found in the booking pack and any booking form submitted to us is subject to these booking terms and conditions (including cancellation charges).


Please note that places on courses are limited. Our 'Why' is supporting organisations and good causes such as NGO's, Rescue Organisations, expedition teams and others that need excellent training at reasonable cost. We support a number of organisations who cycle volumes of delegates through our courses. Priority in terms of bookings/places will be given to operational remote area medics, NGO's and Rescue teams as well as other good causes. Other applicants will be considered much nearer the course date. This is who we are set up to support. Instructors or individuals from or who deliver training for or are involved in or have links to other remote area medical training companies are not eligible to join this course. Simply put, this is a conflict of interest. Our training has taken years to develop and hone and we value our Intellectual Property.  We have a legitimate interest in ensuring that our Project and our 'Why' are not undermined and that our instructors can enjoy delivery of the courses, to maximise learning for our clients. Our priority is training our long standing client bases and to maximise the benefit of our training for those communities -  and not other training organisations. For that reason, delegates should pay particular attention to reading our terms and conditions in this regard, before submitting any Booking Form.  These terms and conditions include protections for us and are in place specifically to safeguard the great work we do for and with great people and to ensure the sustainability of our Project. We are very robust in protecting our intellectual property. Booking terms and conditions also include cancellation charges.

Booking link:


We recommend all delegates to take out suitable insurance before booking courses..


Liked everything. Brilliant value for money’ Feedback from our Remote, Austere & Wilderness wound care course: we ran this course the day prior to or immediately after R/EMO:TE Medic, so delegates could attend both if they wished to. Great to see a number of delegates on both courses. 


Extremely great cpd and learning some key skills where I had gaps.




As usual R2Ri pass over the skills and techniques but also build your confidence.


Liked everything. Brilliant value for money.


Absolutely first class! Thanks !


Very knowledgeable 


100% more confident.


Nice relaxed way of teaching, conducive to good atmosphere & confidence to ask safety questions. 


Loved it.


Extremely useful.


Excellent. Well equipped.


Allowed me to gain a lot more practical experience.




Great price.


Lecturer very nice - and funny !


Found the practical session a great refresher.


Very useful.


Excellent. The lecturer knows his subject but that’s no surprise (with R2Ri).


Thanks for a great session. See you soon (on other courses).


Great to see different ways and different approaches.




Excellent. As ever (with R2Ri)


Dressings chat very helpful,


Wouldn’t change anything.


Highly experienced with real world knowledge.




Really useful.




As usual, the standard of training, including resources available to practice with. Excellent. 


Surpassed expectations. Thank you for another day of excellent training.

All delegates would recommend  the course.


All delegates felt the course benefitted them. 


Exceptionally useful. 


Improved operational practice significantly and enables us to develop both skills and risk management. 


Wish I’d known about you guys sooner but looking forward to more training in future. 


Very useful.  


Amazing level of experience between both instructors. Lots of real first hand experience. 


Absolutely (more confident) dealing with remote area wound care.




Absolutely (useful)


Definitely (useful) 


Enhanced & gave further confidence. Will adjust my medic kit given new knowledge.


Brilliant, fun, useful.


Very much more confident ;dealing with remote area wound care) 


Very able instructors 


Very professional instructors 


Much more confident (in operational practice) with techniques taught. 


Great course, ranged from revision to totally new concepts). 


Extremely useful.


(Would be) much more confident (dealing with remote area wound care).  Exactly what I wanted. 


A day well spent. 


Thank you for another excellent course. 


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