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// Emergency  Dentistry and Facial Trauma In An Austere Environment


Target Audience: 


Expedition Doctors, Wilderness Medics,  Nurses, Paramedics, Military Medics, those who have completed our Wilderness First Responder Course.



Dental Pain accounts for more than 16 % of all Medevacs.

Why is it important?:

Dental pain can be very debilitating. Preventing it would be the best solution. But what can you do on an expedition when you are faced with it. You would be totally outside your comfort zone . Treatment when properly done could give you a simple rapid solution.

What will delegates get out of it? How might it influence their practice?

This workshop has been running for the last 13 years. The delivery team have constantly adapted and fine tuned it based on questions, experiences, situations that medics have faced . We have excelled at this workshop by consistently keeping it hands on, simplified , step by step training . 


This one day course addresses content relating to  how to administer Local  Anesthesia in the mouth, do a dental filling, place a dental splint, save a tooth that’s been knocked out, do a simple extraction and finally incise and drain a dental abscess as well as addressing facial injuries.

Free post course resources will be provided.

The Lecturer:

The course lead is currently an NHS dentist in England. He is a faculty member of RCPS Glasgow , University of Exeter, Dental training for NATO SOTC as well as overseas academic organisations.


He is the resident expedition dentist for AdventureMedic, founder of Wilderness Expedition Dentistry and past consultant dentist for the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit.


He has many years’ experience in Expedition/ Wilderness and Remote Access Dentistry, having first become interested in this specialism while running dental camps in remote parts of India (where he did his Masters in Oral Surgery), and later when working in the Sultanate of Oman.

He has deepened and broadened his expedition medical experience through spending four seasons in the Antarctic; working as a VSO dentist in Malawi, and working with Mobile Surgical Services in New Zealand.

The contributing author and editor for the dental chapter in the new Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine, our instructor has written numerous articles about his specialism, which have been published in AdventureMedic and in the dental section of competency guides for remote health care practitioners and expedition medicine. He has also lectured extensively on his subject, and provides phone and email support for event medics.

His main passion these days is to train medics in the dark art of Expedition Dentistry, through running intensive yet interesting hands-on workshops.


The National Outdoor Centre, Plas y Brenin.


24 May 2024 - Course certificates and post course reading will follow during week commencing 10 June 2024 once we are back from the field.

Please note that whilst this course can be booked a stand alone course, this course is one module of a continuous run of courses (PHTLS, then R/EMO:TE Medic, then Dentistry, then Wound Care) forming elements of our R/EMO:TE Medic course. Please see the dates page for further information.

Cost: £195.00


‘Very well organised, hands on course, fast paced & exciting delivery. Presented in a way that met the needs of a diverse group.’


‘Hugely important module in the wider R/EMO:TE Medic Programme.’


Whether you found the course useful ?




‘Extremely useful’.








‘Instructor must be the best person in the world to deliver this course’.


‘Very good, knowledgeable in what was being taught, as always by the Faculty’.


‘Great venue, engaging teacher’.


‘Very appropriate’.


‘Spot on’.


Would you be more confident dealing with a dental problem, having done the course ?


All delegates said ‘yes’.




‘Yes, I feel much better placed to approach this.’


‘Will give me more confidence in knowing what to do with teeth and head injuries.’


Would you recommend the course ?


All delegates said ‘yes’.

What would you change ?



Very useful. Well beyond the level of previous training. Highly relevant to remote workers. (from a highly experienced remote area/expedition Doctor)


Hard to imagine anyone (instructor) more qualified.


100% useful.


Outstanding, professional, very experienced Faculty.


Wound you recommend it to others ? 

100% yes. 


Brilliant course. Highly recommended. Delivered by the best.


Fantastic hands on skills. 


Very, very useful.


Second to none. World leading. 


All delegates would recommend the course (including a military dentist).


All delegates would be more confident dealing with a remote area dental incident (including an army dentist). 


First class and clearly an expert in his field.


Would absolutely recommend. 


Another brilliant course, thank you. 


Excellent Faculty.


It has provided significant knowledge to assist in future decision making and practice. 


Highly recommend.


Wouldn’t change anything. Excellent programme. 


Extremely useful. Highly recommended.

How to book:

Click the link below to access the booking course pack for the course dates you are interested in. Download the pack, save it your computer and you can complete the booking form electronically and email to us. Alternatively, print off the pack, complete and scan the booking form back to us. Terms and Conditions can be found in the booking pack and any booking form submitted to us is subject to these booking terms and conditions (including cancellation charges).

Please note that places on courses are limited. Our 'Why' is supporting organisations and good causes such as NGO's, Rescue Organisations, expedition teams and others that need excellent training at reasonable cost. We support a number of organisations who cycle volumes of delegates through our courses. Priority in terms of bookings/places will be given to operational remote area medics, NGO's and Rescue teams as well as other good causes. This is who we are set up to support. We do not encourage commercial training providers delivering/seeking to deliver the same or similar courses, to attend our courses - there are other providers available. We have a legitimate interest in ensuring that our Project and our 'Why' re not undermined. For that reason, those coming from other commercial training organisations should pay particular attention to reading our terms and conditions in this regard, before submitting any Booking Form. These terms and conditions are in place specifically to safeguard the great work we do for and with great people and to ensure the sustainability of our Project.

Booking link:

We recommend all delegates to take out suitable insurance before booking courses, to include cancellation, travel  and accommodation costs.

May 2024 - Course full
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