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Antarctic (South Georgia) - British Antarctic Survey Doctor (12 months).

Antarctic (Waters) - Ship's Medic (Scientific Expedition)

Antarctica – Medical Advisor to solo South Pole expedition.

Afghanistan – Intelligence and security role  – in country.

Afghanistan – Medical Training

Afghanistan – Medical Cover

Algeria – Medical Cover

Australia - Mineral Exploration Project

Australia – Bush/desert/survival

Belize – TV Medical and Safety cover

Borneo – Jungle expedition and training

Bosnia - Medical Cover

Botswana - Mineral Exploration Project

Canada – Sea Kayaking expedition

Canada - Mineral Exploration Project including Management and Safety Role.

Canada – training exploration geologists to work in varied environments around the globe.

Canada – Lecturing to Mineral Exploration Industry body at Safety Conference as an invited expert speaker – on the subject of Overseas Safety and Duty of Care.

Canada –article published in leading exploration sector journal on remote area safety for workers overseas.

China – Survival training, medical training and field safety training for mineral exploration company.

China - Mineral Exploration Project including Long term Senior Management and Safety Roles for several companies..

Croatia - Medical Cover

Denmark - Medical Care

Ecuador – Jungle Expedition

Everest - Everest ER Doctor

Everest Base Camp 2010 – Lead and Medic

Everest Base Camp + Island Peak 2011 – Team member and medic

Everest Base Camp + Everest Summit Attempt Expedition 2013 Team member and medic

France – French Alps Expedition

France – Working for international law firm in senior management position for 8 years

Greece – Post earthquake medical search and rescue

Greenland - Mineral Exploration Project including Management and Safety Role.

Greenland - Trekking

Guatemala – Medical Cover

Guyana - Mineral Exploration Project.

Guyana – Medical Cover

Iceland - Expedition

India – TV Medical and Safety Cover.

India – Adventure travel – Trekking, White Water rafting.

Indonesia – Medical Search and Rescue after Tsunami

Indonesia - Medical Cover

Iraq – Medical Cover

Japan – Japanese Alp expedition.

Jordan - Medical Cover

Kenya – Medical Cover

Kurdistan – Medical Cover, Training and Mentoring including training local medics.

Laos – Adventure Travel

Macedonia – Medical Search and Rescue post earthquake

Malta – Medical Training

Mexico - Mineral Exploration Project including Senior Management and Safety Role.

Mexico – Cave Diving

Mongolia - Landrover G4 Challenge - Medical and Safety cover

Mongolia - Mineral Exploration Project including Management and Safety Role.

Morocco – Marathon Des Sables

Namibia – Training expedition team in safety, medical, facilitating 4x4 driver skills training, risk management, expedition leadership – for deep dune area expedition – vehicle dependent – Namib Desert.

Namibia - Mineral Exploration Project including Management and Safety Role.

Nepal – Everest Base Camp 2005

New Zealand – A and E doctor

North Pole – Medical Advisor to solo North Pole Expedition

Norway – Norwegian Arctic Circle pre departure cold weather training, logistics, planning, expedition leader, safety equipment.

Patagonia - Medical Cover

Philippines – Scuba diving expedition

Poland - Medical Cover

Somalia – Medical Cover

South Africa – A and E department including gunshot wound, stabbing and burne experience.

Spitsbergen - Trekking

Switzerland – Swiss Alps Expedition

Tanzania – Mt Kilimanjaro Expedition

Thailand – Jungle travel

Thailand – Jungle Travel

Tunisia - Medical cover

Turkey – Mineral Exploration Project including Management and Safety Role.

Uganda - Medical Cover

Vietnam – Scuba Diving expedition

Yemen – Medical Cover

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