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// Road Traffic Collision Management for Remote Area Workers - RTC:RAW (TM) 














Devised by a highly experienced team of Medics, Extrication trained and experienced Firefighters and specialist RTC Trauma experts. The course designers have experience providing medical and rescue support for the legendary Landrover G4 Challenge, decades as frontline Fire Fighters (including delivering training at the Fire Service College) and as trauma lead for the UK Rescue organisation (UKRO) (Firefighters undertaking rescues  - including vehicular, in a competitive setting). Team members have decades of experience in vehicle based expeditions in remote areas.

What this course is: an intensive CPD day/training to assist those operating in remote areas, to deal with the scenario of a Road Traffic Collision impacting their expedition/ remote area fieldwork team. There is little or no specialist equipment because you will likely have little or no specialist equipment in your back pack. RTC's are the number one non-natural cause of death for UK nationals overseas. This course looks at prevention and management following an RTC in a remote area. Think what would happen if your minibus suffers an RTC in the field and you have to deal with it...with what you have. Please note that this course is specifically for backpack based expeditions/fieldwork.

What this course isn't: we will not be teaching you how to remove car roofs or use the 'Jaws of Life'. There are great courses out there for those with budgets to allow the purchase of such life saving kit. In the sectors we operate in, budgets or logistical realities often do not allow for such kit. What we will teach you is how to use the kit you may realistically have, to improve outcomes - and to increase your confidence.

'No help inbound? It's just you. Trained for the Duration?'


Course content:

The course will take delegates through a systematic approach to RTC's.

Delegates will also be taught a framework - relevant to their skills levels - to enable them to implement RTC management in the field and introduced to lightweight, real world kit, that you would have with you on expedition/ in the field.

  • The scale of the problem

  • Why – Stats, Causes, Case Studies

  • Prevention is key - driver and vehicle selection

  • Vehicle types - suitability

  • Vehicle inspection

  • Journey Management, vehicle packing

  • Common causes of accident

  • Facing the truth - minimal kit - what can we do to improve outcomes

  • Scene safety

  • Vehicle stabilisation

  • Vehicle Hazards – SRS, Fuels, Hybrid, PPE / RPE

  • Mechanisms of Injury / Kinematics – Common Injuries, 3 impacts

  • Entrapment – Physical / Medical

  • Extrication – Methods, process and adaptations to resource limited fieldwork/expedition environment.

  • Practical Vehicle demo – Non-destructive show around

  • Medical – C Spine research and the latest on collars and self extrication, RTC environment

  • Equipment – Best case / suitable for Exped (adapt)

  • Demonstration on vehicle body sections

  • Practical – Use of equipment available, Safety

Course format:


The course commences in our lecture hall, covering theory aspects and prevention. The group then moves out of the classroom to see demonstrations.

The course is very grounded and is focused on  remote area settings with very limited kit. It is aimed at expedition and fieldwork teams without specialist equipment. 

The intention is to allow delegates to seek to avoid incidents occurring and to give them the knowledge to improve outcomes if this was to happen for real.

The morning is spent looking at the scale of the problem, theory and prevention, including with reference to relevant standards. The afternoon is spent on RTC skills and demonstrations.

Course Dates:

Our next RTC:RAW dates will be in 2023.

Venue: The National Outdoor Centre, Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia.

Cost: £190.00 

Accommodation and food are not included as clients tell us that they want flexibility and we wish to be as inclusive as possible. Inexpensive accommodation can be booked at the venue itself.

Covid19: We have limited places to ensure social distancing and have also significantly upscaled kit to minimise cross handling of kit. Wearing of masks will be mandatory. Scenarios will be individual and/or socially distanced. Masks and face shields plus gloves and sanitiser will be issued to all delegates. There will be pre screening of all delegates prior to attending the venue. Please view the venue website regarding the steps that they are taking regarding Covid precautions - that all our delegates will have to comply with on site.

Pre - Requisites: Prior training specifically with ourselves: Wilderness First Responder, QNUK First Responder or PHTLS. This CPD day/course is an addition to existing training and not a stand alone course and pre supposes that delegates have prior remote medical training (with us) which includes RTC scenarios.


To Book - when a new date becomes available, click on the black booking button below, save the booking pack to your desktop, then the booking form becomes editable. Save the finalised booking form then email to us.

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