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// Services

R2Ri provides a range of services. We like to work with clients to develop long term relationships where we work with them to identify knowledge gaps, deliver training to meet those needs along with testing and long term support.


We find that a Consultancy, Education, Testing and Support cycle works best to meet client needs We also have the ability to deploy our own team members to cater for short term or specialist client needs as and when required:


Services fall under a number of categories:



// Deployment

The R2Ri team includes specialists who have provided medical and safety support and training around the globe including for security, exploration, expedition and TV production companies – including for reality TV programmes and working closely with celebrities.


We have a team of Doctors, Paramedics, Rope Rescue Technicians, Swift Water Rescue Technicians, Survival Experts and Remote area specialists – all of whom have extensive remote area, expedition and fieldwork expertise.


We can field multi- disciplinary experts who can provide a range of safety support services, thus minimising costs.


Our team has experience of specialist risk management for remote area TV productions including risk management advice for the more curious activities that participants may wish to get up to and, given our wider network, we have accessed leading global experts in specialist medical and risk fields for our clients in advance of deployments.


We can also train up your teams and participants in advance of overseas deployment so that they can also form part of the safety overwatch capability and provide assistance in the event of an incident.


Our teams come equipped with trackers and satellite communications.


// Consultancy

At R2Ri we take a holistic “Cradle to Grave” approach, working as trusted advisors. We provide Consultancy, Training and Support services across the lifespan of an organisation, from inception, considering Business Risk issues prior to business launch,  through to training staff pre “go live” or deployment, ongoing education, testing and support, right through to post incident support.


Importantly, we also provide specialist intelligence and support services on an ongoing basis as well as training for times of crisis and also in the aftermath that may include inquests, trials and enquiries.


Team members have years of experience in this field.


Case Studies:


  • Academic training plus consultation for a client seeking to set up a top end and ultra exclusive Tour Operator – considering liabilities, insurance, bonding and more.

  • Consultancy and training for a number of mineral exploration sector organisations in terms of field training, crisis response systems,and specialist Kidnap and Ransom insurance considerations.

  • Crisis support for Expedition, Exploration and Adventure Travel organisations – from initial support/advice through to crisis media management and support plus extensive post incident support and services, reviews and implementation of lessons learned.

  • Working with governing bodies to roll out sector safety standards.

  • R2Ri members were at the forefront of facilitating commercial telemedicine services into the Expedition sector, putting contacts inrespective fields together at the Royal Geographical Society, leading to uptake of these services across the commercial expedition sector.

  • Team members include members of the drafting committee for BS:8848, the safety standard for overseas fieldwork, visits and expeditions.

  • Our experts have appeared at conferences for industry bodies, ranging from mineral exploration safety conferences in Canada to leading annual expedition conferences and events, to numerous lectures for governing bodies, ranging from MLTA, BMC through to ABTA and more.

  • Team members represented the expedition sector at the Institute of Outdoor learning review of outdoor and remote area first aid courses.

  • Advising clients operating in remote areas as to suitable tracking and check in policies.


// Education

We provide consultancy and training services to individuals and organisations who are either setting up (to ensure they are dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s from the outset) are aware that there are areas where they need to investigate or implement, or to review and implement following a problem occurring.


Our team members have decades of experience of training clients to ensure awareness of risks to their operations or businesses and then providing the training solutions that arise from that awareness.


Our team members have huge experience in the remote area safety field – including being on the panels of experts drafting leading standards and in the vanguard of roll out of the latest training courses and qualifications:


Case Studies:


  • Off Site Safety Management Courses

  • Specialist Business Risk Consulting

  • Crisis Media Training

  • Travel Risk Management qualifications – training organisations to establish Travel Risk Management teams in house.

  • Courtroom and inquest familiarisation

  • Courtroom Skills including Mock Trials

  • Personal Travel Safety

  • Travel Risk Management – Implementation/Processes/ Procedures

  • Operating in Arctic/ Cold Weather Environments Training

  • Operating in Mountainous Environment Training

  • Operating in Jungle Environments Training

  • Operating in Desert, Bush and Outback Environments Training

  • Bespoke Training Courses

  • Kidnap Awareness and Survival.

  • Survival Training



// Testing

We have worked with a number of organisations reviewing their safety systems and providing test scenarios. Team members have been trained on courses run by the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning Office in designing and testing via desk top exercises. In addition, members have been taught on privately delivered courses at the same venue by leading Professors in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, including running desk top exercises.


Scenarios can include reality testing policies and procedures in low stress settings (team read and discussion around a table) through to simple exercises to full simulations with multi agency input.


Clients have also benefitted from our mock trials, particularly where certain key staff members have been reluctant to comply with systems and procedures. A grilling in cross examination has been “persuasive” time after time in getting repeat offenders to comply.



// Support

Team members have very significant experience in providing support (including crisis response, crisis media, liability and investigation support) to organisations either in the midst of an incident or following incidents (i.e. reviewing systems and making recommendations to avoid these issues arising again).


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