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// Travel Risk Manager's Course

This course is aimed at Travel Risk Managers - those responsible for Duty of Care and Operational considerations relating to the deploying of others overseas, whether that be booking travel, accommodation, screening, training, monitoring or more.

Team members are at the cutting edge of Travel Risk Management, having been involved in writing relevant British Standards (BS:8848:2014, the British Standard for overseas ventures, fieldwork, expeditions, adventure travel and visits) - and ISO standards (ISO:31030 - the new International Travel Risk Management Standard, published September 2021).

The Team at R2Ri have been involved in this sector for decades, including operationally - including organising logistics, operational deployments, travel, security, providing emergency response, support and crisis management - including forensic examination of Travel Risk Management systems in a Court of Law at the Royal Courts of Justice.


Team members have been brought in to advise those acting as Travel Risk Managers, to audit and enhance existing Travel Risk Management systems (including for UK Government owned entities) and advise those developing a system from the ground up.

We provide a 2 day training course covering:

  • Legal obligations - Duty of Care and more

  • The organisation

  • The traveller - characteristics and implications

  • The destination 

  • The activity

  • Pre departure training

  • Country intelligence - both open source and via third party providers

  • Assistance companies

  • Travel Risk Assessment - including software solutions

  • Threat Assessments

  • Mitigation methods and options

  • Travel Safety

  • Accommodation Safety

  • LGBTQ related issues

  • Communications

  • Tracking

  • Geo fencing

  • Third party providers

  • Route planning, safe havens and more

  • Resources in country

  • Evacuations

  • Emergency plans

The course includes numerous case studies and scenarios.

The courses are delivered by Matthew D, Gary L and Liz G. All are very experienced in Travel Risk Management.

Course dates for autumn 2022 will be released at the end of May.

How to book:

A (large black) booking button, will appear below and link to the booking pack, once the course is open for bookings. 

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