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 Remote Risk International Limited (R2Ri) is widely respected and trusted  specialist Risk Management Consultancy delivering training, support, intelligence and services for a wide range of organisations and sectors who all have in common one thing – they operate in remote areas and overseas.


R2Ri has been set up to operate as a for-profit wing and a not for profit wing –  the latter to assist worthy charities, good causes and organisations.  



At R2Ri, we provide training and services in specialist Risk Management fields : Remote Area and Wilderness Medical Training, Travel Risk Management, Risk and Threat Assessment, cutting edge Duty of Care training, Off-Site Safety Management, First Aid, Water Safety, Search and Rescue qualifications, Safeguarding, Rope Rescue and Safety Specialists, environment specific training, expert witnesses, expert witness training, intelligence analyst led country risk and threat reports, briefings and much more.

The team includes recognised experts with experience and qualifications to back up our practice.


If you are serious about complying with your Duty of Care for staff and local Partners overseas, want your teams to be able to plan field operations to accepted standards, to operate safely in the field then we can help.


R2Ri was conceived by a group of like-minded experts in their respective fields during discussions at key industry events  (including exploration safety and expedition sector safety events in the UK and North America) for which these individuals were expert speakers, communications between members in the UK and Kurdistan, meetings in Hereford and final stages in the Special Forces Club in London…all to bring together a team of genuine operational, safety and academic experts with significant expertise in the mineral exploration, expedition, remote area television/media and Offshore sectors.



    The team includes specialists who have written internationally recognised remote area safety/expedition/fieldwork safety and Travel Risk Management safety standards - British Standards (BS:8848:2014) and ISO (ISO:31030) standards, team members who sit on specialist advisory and health and safety committees, members of three Wilderness Medical Society (the global authority in Wilderness Medicine) Committees - OperationalMedicine (including environmental and Prolonged Field Care), Global Health and also the Expedition Medicine Committee, Civilians and ex Military, Expedition and Exploration specialists, University level Lecturers, Doctors (including those who worked as Outdoor instructors before studying Medicine) who have ascended Everest and hold the Diploma in Mountain Medicine (along with Search and Rescue expertise), well known remote area Paramedics with TV and Media expertise, Travel and Tropical Health Training, Experts in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Response, Nurses with Mountain Rescue experience (and delivered Mountain Rescue Casualty Care training) who were responsible for training, clinical governance and quality at their NHS Hospitals, prior to leaving for academic posts, Kidnap Survival specialists, Survival Instructors, Intelligence analysts with Military and Security Service backgrounds, Off Shore Rescue Team Leaders, Ex Military Medics, Dive Medics, Legal experts, Mountain Leaders, Kayaking instructors, Outdoor instructors and Expedition leaders.


What the team have in common is that they are all experts in their respective fields.


Team members, collectively, have many years of experience (we stopped counting at 150!). They have trained, worked for or provided Consultancy to some of the biggest names in the Exploration, Expedition, Adventure Travel, Marine, Shipping, TV and many other sectors.


We pride ourselves on the fact that very (very)  few photographs on this website are stock     images. The vast majority were taken by team members on project.