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// Search and Rescue related courses






// Medical courses, Risk Management, Lost Person Behaviour courses for Search and Rescue and Emergency Response Teams.

We run a number of courses that are relevant to SAR teams including First Aid, Medical, Safeguarding, Off Site Safety Management and Lost Person Behaviour Courses. We run a number of these courses on a no profit basis, for SAR teams across the year. Teams can apply to us for training and we will consider each application on its merits. The courses must all be run at weekends and teams who are successful in their applications must provide the venue at no cost, cover travel, provide copious amounts of tea and (if relevant) accommodation costs plus certification and manuals. There will be no charge for instructor time. Its our way of supporting this important service.


R2Ri is fortunate to have two team members trained in Lost Person Behaviour. One of those team members is one of a handful in the UK who are qualified as trainers for the course and has been personally trained as a trainer for the LPB course by Bob Koester himself – the author of the leading text of the same name, training searchers how to look in the right places sooner.


We offer this course through our not for profit R2Ri Foundation.


The R2Ri team has a number of members who are SAR trained operatives – operating both in the UK and overseas as Search and Rescue and Medical Rescue.


There are two LPB courses – run over one day and two days respectively.


The courses introduce students to:


  • The history of Search and Rescue

  • Myths and Legends of SAR

  • The ISRID database of Lost Person Finds

  • UK based databases

  • How to use the Lost Person Behaviour Manual and App

  • Reflex Tasking

  • Numerous case studies and map exercises for most imaginable categories of missing persons based on real life case studies.

  • Practical exercises.



"Aspects of Lost Person Behavior that can be applied in real life search and rescue."


"Good presentation, easy to understand."


"I would LOVE to do the two day course!"


"Excellent delivery open to questions from students."


"Very enjoyable class."




"Many thanks for a well run and informative course."

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