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// Emergency, Crisis, Disaster and Post Disaster services and support.

The R2Ri team members include those with Degree level qualifications in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, lecturers at some of the most prestigious establishments in the UK responsible for resilience education and Emergency Planning.Team members have significant international experience from the adventure travel to military, transport to government spheres. Members have decades of experience in training organisations to deal with emergency, crisis and disaster scenarios. We also have decades of experience assisting clients in the immediate aftermath of major incidents, including immediate actions, media support, investigations, through to medium term aspects such as inquests and longer term considerations including lessons learned and implementing internal change.

The R2Ri team genuinely have unparalleled experience in the adventure travel, travel and expedition sectors in this area (having assisted many leading names post incident and our team members being members of  client crisis response teams) and also extensive experience in the mineral exploration and other specialist fields.

Our services include the option to attach members of our team to your own crisis response team.

Pre incident training can include:



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