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The team at R2Ri contains significant expertise in the Remote Area and Wilderness Medical Fields - as well as Urban First Aid. Team members represented industry bodies during the Institute of Outdoor Learning consultation on Outdoor First Aid. Other team members are involved in writing the wilderness medicine elements of new european pre hospital qualifications.

Our Remote Area and Wilderness courses are detailed above. We deliver outdoor first aid through to pre hospital care courses. 

We also offer a holistic programme to train non medical professionals, who may be responsible for the safety of others in remote areas (such as expedition leaders), allowing them to undertake a suitable programme of risk management and medical training, including testing their skills before deployment.

You will see our Plan, Train Check, Act programme above which encompasses Off Site Safety Management, Wilderness First responder, Prolonged Field Care and Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support. This programme allows a holistic approach to risk and safety management in remote areas and also allows non medics to access higher level training and suitable training and testing of skills dealing with how to cope with a patient in a remote area, with limited kit, when help is  not coming for some time.

The team includes, amongst others:


  • A Pre Hospital Care Doctor with specialist training in Anaesthetics,  a Diploma in Mountain Medicine who was an outdoor instructor, Mountain Leader and Expedition Leader before he became a Doctor. He cave dives, Mountaineers, regularly provides medical cover for outdoor and extreme events, is studying for his Dive Medic qualifications, was previously Team Doctor for a Search and Rescue team. Time served in South Africa treating serious burns, stabbings and gun shot wounds. Worked for the British Antarctic Survey in the Antarctic. Did we mention the Everest ascent expedition … well he got 500 metres from the summit and ceased the ascent as his Sherpas feet were freezing and descended as a priority. That’s Exactly the sort of considerate behaviour we applaud at R2Ri.

  • A Nurse with years of experience in the outdoors, ex Mountain Rescue Team member (and taught on the Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course), is responsible for training and quality as part of his job in the NHS, lectures on medical training at University Level. Delivers the GIC course for the Advanced Life Support Group. PHTLS trained and Medical Lead for a Search and Rescue Team.

  • Remote Area Paramedic, PHTLS instructor and many more. Off Shore Medic, Wide international experience, TV cover with well known celebrities in remote and hazardous environments. Extensive Hostile Environment Experience.

  • Off Shore Medic and Off Shore Rescue Team Leader, PHTLS and TCCC instructor, Rope rescue expert, HSE Dive Medic, Iraq experience in Gulf 1 and recent experience delivering training in Afghanistan.

  • Tier 1 Medic who delivers travel and expedition first aid courses, has delivered medical support on Jungle, Arctic and Desert expeds, represented industry bodies in the Institute of Outdoor Learning review of Outdoor and Remote Area First Aid training. Lecturer for many years on Travel Health and Expedition Medicine course for the World’s oldest School of Tropical Medicine. Ex SAR team medical training lead and training officer. Remote area medical trained. Has trained expedition team members, exploration companies and many more.


The R2Ri team invests heavily in training and keeping up to date with medical developments, techniques and equipment.


The team has extensive expeditionary experience in all environments. Team, members have also provided medical cover for solo expeditions to both Poles.


We run a number of Remote Area Medical Courses, from Outdoor First Aid, Remote Area First Aid, Pre Hospital Care Courses to 7 day Remote Area and Wilderness First Responder Courses, Advanced training for medics going to remote areas and Medical Gases courses.

Please also check out our Medical page.

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