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// Blue C.


A former army officer with 34 years service in both the British and Norwegian military; Blue is an internationally recognised subject matter expert and training provider in the field of 'Hostage avoidance, survival and reintegration’. He has worked with Specialist military units, Government organisations, Media, Oil and Gas as well as Shipping companies to name but a few.

His experience and training methods are seen as best practice and provide individuals and organisations with the skills and mind-set required to increase their chances of surviving any detention situation.


Blue has debriefed and adapted returning captive’s experiences and knowledge to enhance his training to provide a unique generic training programme for the benefit of others.


Blue remains committed to ensuring that his training will offer individuals an increased chance of survival and a safe return should they be unfortunate enough to experience a hostage situation. The training also benefits any organisation with the confidence they are providing the necessary ‘duty of care’ for any employee deploying worldwide. Blue also has significant expertise and experience operating in, acting as a consultant for and training those within the outdoor, adventure travel, expedition, reality TV and media sectors (including safety training for the BBC). Blue was also a SERE (Survival, Escape, Resist, Evasion) instructor in the military, with experience of all environments.

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