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//Dr. N.W.


N has been a doctor in the regular army for over 10 years, having deployed to many remote locations with the military such as Kenya, Canada, Norway, Antarctica, Iraq.  Since qualifying as a GP in 2019, she has served with some extreme remote teams, training the medics in advance and providing reachback service.


N has completed the diploma in mountain medicine and medical care in catastrophes and has recently established a military expedition medicine advisory group.  She is passionate about using medical knowledge to prevent health issues arising in remote locations, but still having the skills to treat when required; something that has proven invaluable on many mountainous expeditions.


N has an unhealthy enthusiasm for cross country skiing and cold locations which is what ultimately led to creating the first all female team to cross Antarctica in 2018.  Since then her passions for cold survival and cold conditions has continued to grow including research and advising other polar teams.






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