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// Howard D. FRGS


Howard is an exploration geologist with over 20 years of experience operating overseas in the mineral exploration sector including in desert, mountainous, arctic, jungle and bush environments.

His work occurs across a wide range of countries, often for extended periods of time, in remote and challenging field operations - including Mexico, Yemen, Mongolia, China, Australia, Greenland, Canada, Namibia, Turkey and Guyana amongst others.


Cutting his teeth as a roving freelance geologist he progressed to Project Manager with some of the largest global mineral exploration companies, rising to
Vice President Of Exploration and Chief Operating Officer of Junior exploration companies. More recently he moved into Government managing regulatory control and Health and Safety for mining and exploration over a wilderness area the size of Europe. He also serves on the Health and Safety Committee of one of the premier industry representative bodies in the mineral exploration sector. Howard has been at the sharp end of field operations for much of his career and his experience has included duty of care, remote area risk management, health and safety, crisis management and response, logistics, team
management, training and policy development. operations, crisis response, training, policies, kidnap incidents amongst others. A highly regarded generalist who has spoken at industry events on related subjects.

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