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// Field Survival Training


Field survival training is an essential part of preparation for working or adventuring in remote or unfamiliar environments. This is not a fanciful consideration. Every year, individuals find themselves unexpectedly stranded, away from assistance, surviving on their own until help arrives. This applies equally to remote area workers and adventurous individuals.


Whilst we have great respect for those delivering 'Bushcraft' courses (which involves skills relevant to longer term living in a wilderness area), we focus on field survival - the necessary skills to survive until location and recovery. The necessity for such training is emphasised in the standard manuals, texts and procedures, published by mineral exploration industry bodies and others.

Your Duty of Care extends to ensuring your staff can operate safely in the environment they are being sent to.


The wider R2Ri team includes those with experience of travelling, training, working in and living in deserts, jungles, arctic climes, extreme altitude, mountainous regions and bush in may areas of the world.

Team members have also lectured at the Royal Geographical Society on preparation for Desert Expeditions and include those with Australian Government certified Bush and Desert Survival Qualiifcations.


We also have team members who are ex military SERE (Survive, Escape, Resist, Evade) Survival Instructors with gobal experience. Even our Doctor was a survival instructor before studying medicine.


Our instructors will impart their knowledge of how to prepare for, travel, live and thrive in various survival situations and environments should the need arise.

Our courses are bespoke and can last from 2 hours basic lecture on priorities and basic techniques, through to one or two day courses. In country, environment specific courses can also be delivered. These are often built into a medical or risk management training course.

Our courses cover the key fundamentals (and what is the order of priority in different environments):


  • Water

  • Warmth

  • Shelter​​

  • Food

  • Signals

Courses follow the well established PLAN - M process:

  • Protection

  • Location

  • Acquisition

  • Navigation

  • Medical

We have delivered training for and furnished bespoke survival kits for exploration teams operating in Temperate, Forest, Jungle, Desert, Arctic conditions, Mountainous regions and Bush on multiple continents. You will see on this page and the environment specific pages,  photos below from expeditions, fieldwork and training projects that our team have been involved in or training we have delivered around the globe.

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