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2020...a quick overview...

With 2021 course dates being published next week (as you’d expect, we have been reviewing operations and risk assessments in light of the new Covid variants and increased transmission), we take a look back on 2020 ...

A year in review: 2020 started with a key team member (one of our Doctors) having recently returned from the Antarctic after a year long posting there (and delivered one of our remote area pre hospital courses to base staff whilst there). Subsequent to that, work started on a unique remote area and expedition Prolonged Field Care course (subject of a PhD and is part of a collaboration with a leading University) which we subsequently rolled out to delegates ranging from expedition medics to delegates from the army, navy and airforce medics including elite unit medics.

Mid to late January saw us advising clients regarding contingency plans for what we considered was a realistic risk of a global pandemic.

Suggestions in February and early March that the new emerging Covid19 was less of a problem than seasonal flu did not bear scrutiny or survive even the briefest consideration of the stats proffered in support of that contention. A big problem was coming down the line ...

When Covid hit, we were well advanced in our preparations ppe plus long residual effect sensitisers in stock and in place ... clients were still deploying around the world, so still needed high quality, expert, up to date training delivered by medical professionals with genuine and extensive remote area medical experience. Clients also needed up to date and relevant risk management advice, encompassing covid guidelines. We have provided related advice to the media, outdoor, exploration, education and professional services sectors on this subject.

Given the strain on medical services, we asked clients to move their places on a number of courses so that our medics (who would have been working on courses) could be released to the front line - serving in ITU, NHS Nightingale and repatriation flights instead. Huge thanks to our clients for unanimously supporting this initiative !

We have delivered, in a Covid safe manner (and Received great praise for the way we have delivered this), Advanced Wilderness Life Support, Wilderness First Responder, Prolonged Field Care, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support and more.

Where training has not needed to take place face to face, we have moved to an online platform where we have delivered remote area dental webinars, risk management training, remote area mental health awareness webinars, highlights of the remote area work of our medics and more.

Clients have included adventurers, expeditioners, leading Universities, academic establishments. Oil and gas sector staff, operations managers, those starting up new companies, Search and Rescue, TV production teams and more.

Clients for whom we have delivered training or services have included those from.

* Organisations providing logistical services in Antarctica

* Environment Agency

* Plas Y Brenin

* Army

* Navy

* Airforce

* Coastguard

* Oil and Gas Sector

* SAR teams

* International disaster response NGO’s

* Organisations providing remote area medics for events

* Remote Area Media Safety (multiple remote area TV safety organisations)

* Expedition Leaders working for the largest expedition companies

* Outdoor Activity companies (multiple)

* Expedition companies (multiple)

* Bespoke and luxury expedition providers for UHNW clients

* Glacier guides

* Jungle field researchers

* Adventurers preparing for solo walks to the South Pole

* Schools (U.K. and overseas)

Lots of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics ...

and many more.

Testimonials have continued to be consistently excellent.

Amongst all of the above, experts on the team have continued to work on panels developing relevant international standards, invested in our own further education, developed our incident and crisis management expertise in a variety of roles both within and outside the U.K.

Finally - and not least- thoughts are with colleagues who have lost loved ones or suffered illness in what has been a very bad year.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for 2021, with vaccines being rolled out. For that, we are very grateful 🙏.

We look forward to a time, in the near future, when we can meet with colleagues once again and to share a beer after a long day delivering training. 2020 has seen course logistics 1000% more onerous ... because we have done things properly and to the highest possible standard - which is what we have a reputation for. We have delivered everything we said we would - safely. Despite the increased costs on upkitting etc.

We have seen organisations running courses in these Covid19 times with delegates mingling with no apparent social distancing and no apparent PPE. That is not the Remote Area Risk International ‘Way’.

A Faculty weekend will happen when safe to do so ... and we very much look forward to that!

We have probably missed a lot out. It’s been a busy year.

Huge thanks to all our clients and to our hugely valued Faculty who have supported us during this time.

2021 sees more of the same courses and services plus:

* New wound care course

* Additional offerings in our Prolonged Field Care stream of courses

* 2 new Remote Area Medical Courses

* 3 New risk management courses

* Medical placements

* Some new and exciting Partnerships

* Space... the Final Frontier

* NAEMT All Hazards Disaster Response

* we are hoping 2021 will see the launch of a major project we have been working on for 3 years... spoilers ...

Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2021 🙂.

Kind regards from all of us at Remote Area Risk International.

Stay safe.

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A look back at 2020 and a look at what 2021 has in store ...

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