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Advanced Wilderness Life Support and Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine - with R2Ri.

AWLS, PHTLS, Risk Management and expedition planning courses suitable for Wilderness Medics.

So, a year ago, we had just finished the first ever Advanced Wilderness Life Support course in the

UK. Great reviews generated by a Stellar Faculty led by our Course Director Suzy - a reservoir of huge knowledge forged by huge experience. Everest ER fame, Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, DiMM and Pre Hospital Emergency Medicine Consultant - to name but a few. The same also applies to Hannah - FAWM, Tropical Medicine and travel health quals, diploma in remote and offshore medicine boxed off, remote area telemedicine and top cover as a day job. Highly relevant experience as a (now) GP and all tempered by actual experience. Finally, but not least, Rod - FAWM, remote area Paramedic lecturer, practitioner, NGO, TV, expedition, exploration, oil and gas and hostile environment experience - in bucket loads.

Very chilled out Faculty and course - great feedback - and credits towards the Faculty in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.

This course perfectly complements our remote area

focus PHTLS course which also carries FAWM credits.

Our next AWLS is September 2020:

Our next PHTLS is:

June 2020, December 2020:

Book our AWLS course during 2020 and we also include an Off Site Safety Management course in the cost*.

Next OSSM courses:

April 2020, November 2020.

Given the new FPHC updated guidelines for provision of wilderness medicine (see our piece here: ), this combination of AWLS, PHTLS and Off Site Safety Management is a perfect combination of foundation in Wilderness Medicine, trauma course (remote area focused) and risk management course. Check the guidelines and you will realise what an ideal solution this is.

Internationally respected courses:

AWLS: Medical School certified, widely respected internationally. US certified.

PHTLS- delivered in 64 countries. US course. We deliver the UK localised, JRCALC compliant version.

Off Site Safety Management course- Royal Geographical Society certified.

More FAWM credit carrying courses very soon.

Demonstrate your expertise in the field with the FAWM post nominal.

To get the R2RI patch (which is free), delegates have to demonstrate commitment to raising standards in remote area safety by one of two routes. It looks like we will be having to order another batch in...


1. Attend any course with us plus the Royal Geographical Society certified Off Site Safety Management course - with us. OR;

2. Attend any course with us plus attend the C:ORE Risk Conference.

Ideally delegates would undertake one of our Risk courses plus a medical course to enable them to operate as well rounded responders.

Clearly, an OSSM course and AWLS meets the criteria.

If you see a fellow badge holder, you know they are committed to and have a degree of expertise in Remote Area Risk Management, just like you.

Other badge holders include academics, remote area paramedics, remote area doctors, military, expedition leaders, outdoor instructors, SAR team members, university lecturers, off shore safety professionals, clinical educators and more. Badge holders have been up Everest, into the depths of the ocean (and underwater cave systems), done first descents of technical rivers overseas, are responsible for expedition and fieldwork safety, work in elite military units, overland vehicle expedition safety experts, Local Authority Outdoor Education Advisers, Doctor just returned after 13 months working for the British Antarctic Survey (had completed his badge criteria before he went), off shore rope rescue team leader, ships medic, expedition medic for a ship based scientific project of Antarctic waters and more. You will be in good company.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Only applies to accepted and concluded bookings. The cost of a 2 day OSSM course, delivered by us will be waived. Delegates will have to cover their own attendance costs, food, travel and accommodation. The OSSM course free places are our April and November 2020 course dates. Subject to availability. Not transferable to anyone else. Only one OSSM place per delegate. Offer only applies to those completing the WFR and AWLS course paid and booked.


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