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Webinar Academy ! Courses, interest events, masterclasses and more.

Given the (necessary) constraints during the Covid19 outbreak, we have launched a webinar academy. Remote Area Dentistry courses, foundations in legal and risk for the adventure travel sector, life as a remote area medical and more to come very soon. Some FREE, others significantly reduced in cost from our face to face masterclasses and courses.

If you want training for your organisation, from a web consult, to a masterclass or live training course, delivered by zoom, get in touch. We have excellent reviews for our online training: "An excellent and informative course delivered well...the IT worked fantastically. Thanks matt and the Team."

"No issues with the quality of sound nor video, everything was nice and crisp.Well impressed by the delivery method."

Webinar Academy! Click the images for more details.

Life as a remote area/off shore/dive/rescue medic - from Antarctic the Oceans.

28 May 2020. 20.00. FREE

Protecting your clients, your business and yourself; Legal, Risk and Insurance - foundation level.

30 April 2020. 20.00 - 21.00/21.30. £15.00

Remote Area/Expedition Dentistry.

8 May 2020. 10.00 - 12.30. CERTIFICATED. £25.00


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