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// Travel, Hostile, Remote Environment and Austere Territory Training  - THRE+AT .



The R2Ri team have significant experience (both with in UK and NATO militaries, Police and also in a civilian capacity) of training and briefing individuals and organisations to operate in permissive to non permissive environments around the globe. Instructors include those holding Security and Risk Management qualifications and qualified Duty of Care Practitioners. The team includes members with very recent hostile environment experience in Afghanistan and other locations.

Our team includes former CNN Senior Field Security Advisor and Medical Training Manager (Europe, Middle East and Africa) with on the ground and high level responsibility for journalist safety in hostile environments.


R2Ri has recognised subject matter expert specialist Kidnap Awareness and Survival Instructors within the team - who have trained UK, NATO and other forces as well as global blue chip businesses in this field. We can deliver one day to five day courses on this specialist subject dependent on your requirements.


Through our extensive network we can also usually provide the opportunity for discussion with those who have very recent on the ground experience in the location you are travelling to. Clients will be supported with up to date country briefings and we have specialist analysts in house if more detailed, bespoke reports are needed.


These courses are suitable for those working and travelling overseas in a business, NGO, media, exploration and Government agency capacity.


Given that individuals and organisations travel in a wide variety of theatres, we believe that the traditional HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) isn't wide enough in scope and that training offerings should also include travel and remote areas. Why train for the hostile environments but leave clients vulnerable within a travel context? For that reason, we have incepted THRE+AT  training - Travel, Hostile, Remote Environment and Austere Territory Training. 


We do not believe in overly dramatic and unnecessary scenarios that are demeaning and can cause distress to clients during training. All scenarios have a genuine learning outcome and are take into account psychological screening of participants. Our training is realistic and based on real world experience. Our instructors backgrounds stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny. 


Training courses follow EU Directorate General  ECHO training considerations.


We offer bespoke THRE+AT  courses from a day to five days covering subjects such as: 


  • Travel Risk Management including Travel Risk Assessments

  • Pre deployment preparation and planning

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment

  • Travel Safety including pre departure considerations

  • Hotel Safety

  • Personal Safety and Security Awareness

  • LGBT considerations

  • The female traveller

  • Health, hygiene, travel related illnesses and nutrition including safe food and drinking water

  • Country briefings including political risk and cultural considerations

  • Environment specific training

  • Communications, tracking and signalling equipment

  • Certified first aid training from one to 5 day courses including latest ballistic considerations

  • Field survival training

  • Transport considerations

  • Cyber and Social Media/Device security and safety

  • Working with local service providers

  • Kidnap awareness and survival

  • Ballistics, cover and protection - including body armour

  • IED's and unexploded ordnance

  • Public disorder

  • PTSD and Mental Health Awareness

  • Emergencies

  • Insurance

  • Legal

  • Evacuations

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