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Fieldwork Operations

While many companies advertise services towards the education sector and profess the ability to deliver Duty of Care services for this sector, The R2Ri team actually do this and have experience of it. We have trained education sector clients for many years, ranging from school teachers training to safely run off site activities for students undertaking off site visits, outdoor activities, fieldwork and projects in both the UK and overseas (including overseas expeditions) to University departments contracting us on a long term basis to deliver specialist risk management training (encompassing planning, delivery, risk management, emergency and crisis response amongst others) to Degree and Masters level students and academics, amongst others. 

We also have significant experience in supporting related sectors including mineral exploration - allowing us to feed good practice and current standards into geology and geography departments amongst others.


Team members sit on specialist committees responsible for drafting safety standards for UK based and overseas fieldwork and visits – British Standard BS:8848 and exploration geology and fieldwork Health and Safety Committees on leading sector governing bodies overseas. The lawyers on our team, whilst in private practice, represented at inquest and successfully defended clients in subsequent litigation in some of the leading Duty of Care cases relating to school trips, fieldwork and expeditions overseas and subsequent proceedings before teaching governing bodies where families of those affected had sought to have them struck off from the teaching profession.

Our team members are experts in their fields and deeply immersed in their subjects. We do not just practice what we have read elsewhere. That is the R2Ri difference.

We offer a wide range of training and support services from certified Duty of Care training (that will explain what your duties are and how to satisfy them, including addressing relevant standards, replete with numerous in depth real life case studies that our team have been involved with). We also offer:

First aid training suitable for your needs - from First Aid at Work to Travel First Aid, Outdoor, Expedition and Remote Area Fieldwork first aid and higher level courses for those involved in higher risk activities, Environment specific training for fieldwork - Jungle, Desert, Arctic, Mountainous amongst others, Risk Assessment training, Travel Risk Management consultancy, Personal safety and security awareness through to more specialist courses such as Kidnap and Ransom Awareness, amongst others.

The R2Ri team can provide independent advice on what external providers to engage where needed and what you can actually do in house in a more cost effective manner.


// Universities - Duty of Care.

// We work with academic departments and Universities in the safety and Duty of Care field.

// Most Universities send staff and students out in the field, on business trips, exchanges and overseas for field work.

// Your Duty of Care continues whilst student and staff travellers are away from Campus.

// What systems do you have in place and, importantly, do they comply with good practice - to satisfy the requirement of the reasonably competent travel manager?

// Do you need Travel Risk Management training, field safety training, Off Site Safety Management knowledge and capability?

// Are you happy with your systems already in place? Are you able to identify the key sources of information that will get waved around in court or at an inquest?

// Do you have the capability to rapidly deliver meaningful, intelligence led Country Reports for travellers leaving at short notice?

// Do you know where to source (free) up to date and robust travel health advice per country ?

The aim of our programmes is to allow your organisation to  satisfy its Duty of Care (including to competently run Travel Risk Management programmes) yourself,  that comply with your duty of Care. This can be a vastly cheaper exercise than engaging external providers to run all of this for you.


Trainers include safety practitioners, lawyers and travel specialists with years of experience advising (and defending) organisations in field and travel related court cases and inquests - as well as assisting clients in the immediate aftermath of the actual incident.


Industry publications have rated team members as "leaders in the field".


There are a number of training solutions available and a range of costs options, (from two day Royal Geographical Society certified Off Site Safety Management courses delivered at your venue, to Risk Assessment and bespoke Duty of Care courses) - plus a host of solutions to satisfy and training needs and close training gaps identified.


We can also deliver desk top exercises testing your systems, through to full scale simulations. 


Post training, we are also uniquely able to provide suitable compliance persuasion/education to staff who may be reluctant to embrace (or see the need for such systems and procedures) - lectures from lawyers on what to expect if you face a critical audience at an Inquest or Trial. We also provide mock trial scenarios replete with Trial witness process familiarisation training, bundles, lawyers, cross examinations ... with your staff playing roles, to drive the message home to reluctant staff members. These have provided powerful learning experiences for clients in the past. The post training feedback for these mock trials has always been very positive with staff members who may have been reluctant to comply with policies and procedures now understanding the implications of non compliance and wanting to avoid the real life grilling of the legal process.


Importantly, all of our courses are affordable and cost effective.


Robust, current, certified, cost effective - and delivered at your venue.


Contact us to see how we can assist further.

// Client Testimonials

UK University:

The professionalism from R2Ri, from initial correspondence, planning the pre-delivery (discussions checking participants background experience in relation to course content) was excellent.  The two-day course - Off Site Safety Management - was delivered and tailored specifically for the students - with reference to the context of (student) remote expedition based training.  The specific background, experience and expertise that the trainer had was evident and greatly enhanced currency of essential areas of knowledge for the course participants’.  It is evident that the trainer is involved at consultancy level for a variety of aspects that relate to outdoor expeditions and remote area operations.  Feedback from the Outdoor students was very positive, which has led the university to utilise the skills of delivery and expertise of the trainer over the past two years. The specialist training and case studies from the intructors extensive personal and professional experience will assist the course students in meeting their legal, professional and duty of care obligations to clients and staff in their careers going forwards and adds to and enhances other Risk Management modules that the students undergo as part of their course. Highly recommended.


Course Leader

Testimonials include those from courses we run for UK University students as part of their Degree and Masters Degree courses.


"The Course was 300% better than I expected."


"Fantastic Course."


"The Course was very interesting and taught in a good way to understand."


"Objective achieved."


"Good pace with plenty of relevant info."


"Great Course. Great Instructor."


"Very effective teaching." 


"You have one excellent teacher there."


"The presentation was brilliant, clear and easy to understand. The delivery was also fantastic, clear, knowledgeable and easy to listen to. there were also pictures, handouts, and useful equipment provided throughout, enhancing our learning and understanding."


"Extremely worthwhile, it gave me the tools and knowledge to understand how to protect myself while working outdoors, and improve my understanding of correct protocols to follow to get myself and the group out of dangerous and potentially hazardous situations. The use of direct examples, and extensive knowledge of the man running the course helped cement the information, and give the information more meaning."


R2Ri presented an OSSM course I attended recently. Their instructor has an engaging manner and wealth of key experience, making the course informative, approachable and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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