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Education Sector

Members of the team have been expert advisers to the expedition and adventure travel sector for many years (over 15 years) including sitting on the drafting committee for leading safety standards such as BS:8848, the standard for safety on overseas expeditions, fieldwork and visits - as well as ISO: 31030 - the international Travel Risk Management standard.


Team members have assisted leading names in the sector with safety training, risk management, emergency, crisis and disaster training, systems testing and post-incident support including media support, post incident investigation and, the lawyers on the team have represented leading organisations in Coroners inquests and in numerous litigation cases up to the High Court. We have an expert team - deeply immersed in the sectors that they work in.


Our Duty of Care experts in this field are simply unparalleled in the sector, from case studies to desk top exercises, risk management training to wilderness medicine, we can provide support in many fields.


Our team includes expedition leaders who have led expeditions in deserts, arctic circle, Kilimanjaro, Everest Basecamp and many more adventurous destinations.


We are well known for our expertise in Wilderness Medical Training with a team of doctors, nurses and paramedics with extensive wilderness medical experience.


We have specialist expertise within the team here at R2Ri including Doctors with Diplomas in Mountain Medicine as well as Travel Health training, Dive and Hyperbaric medicine and more. Medic team members include a high altitude expedition leader and Outdoor instructor prior to becoming a doctor, regular guide to Everest Basecamp and with an Everest ascent expedition under his belt, he is qualified, experienced and competent to deliver altitude training sessions for expedition and exploration companies. Satisfy your duty of Care and have a suitably experienced and professionally qualified medical professional train your high altitude teams.

// We can also provide the following:


  • Training for both Operations teams and field teams

  • BS:8848 training and audits

  • Risk Assessment training

  • Crisis Management training

  • Working with overseas third party providers training

  • Country Reports

  • Traveller briefings 

  • Journey Management

  • Travel safety training

  • Travel first aid

  • Medical training

  • Kidnap awareness and survival courses, 

  • Cyber security briefings

  • Communications training

  • Field safety training

  • Water safety training 

...and much more.


All of our team are subject matter experts and are not simply regurgitating what they saw on a course run by someone else.


Contact  us for further information.

// Heading off on expedition or dispatching an exploration or charity project team to a new country ?


Our team of qualified Security and Risk Managers are experts in intelligence acquisition and analysis and can provide background Country Reports, Country briefings and traveller briefings. 


Team members include ex military intelligence, travel and adventure travel sector experts, specialist police intelligence operators and medics.

Misty Slopes

// Client Testimonials


"The Course was 300% better than I expected."


"Fantastic Course."


"The Course was very interesting and taught in a good way to understand."


"Objective achieved."


"Good pace with plenty of relevant info."


"Great Course. Great Instructor."


"Very effective teaching." 


"You have one excellent teacher there."


"The presentation was brilliant, clear and easy to understand. The delivery was also fantastic, clear, knowledgeable and easy to listen to. there were also pictures, handouts, and useful equipment provided throughout, enhancing our learning and understanding."


"Extremely worthwhile, it gave me the tools and knowledge to understand how to protect myself while working outdoors, and improve my understanding of correct protocols to follow to get myself and the group out of dangerous and potentially hazardous situations. The use of direct examples, and extensive knowledge of the man running the course helped cement the information, and give the information more meaning."


"R2Ri presented an OSSM course I attended recently. Their instructor has an engaging manner and wealth of key experience, making the course informative, approachable and enjoyable. Highly recommended."

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