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Exploration Sector

The R2Ri team have trained numerous client operating in the exploration sector including those operating in the mineral exploration and oil industry, in the UK, North America and Asia,  to operate in jungle, desert, bush, arctic, mountainous and hostile/austere environments.


Team members have also trained leading names in the oil and gas sector in emergency response and hostage survival – skills utilised in some of the highest profile incidents in their sectors in recent years.


The R2Ri team have trained numerous clients operating in the exploration sector, including devising specialist programmes including safety, crisis response, Off Site Safety Management, Wilderness Medical, Survival, kidnap awareness, water safety, communications and much more.


Team members have lectured at exploration sector conferences as invited subject matter experts, sat on (and still sit on) specialist health and safety committee for the exploration sector in Canada and written articles on Duty of Care and field safety for industry publications.


The team includes very experienced and highly regarded exploration geologists who have operated in all environments in many regions of the world, including in senior health and safety and management roles.



// Field safety, survival, medical, China


Field Safety, incident and survival training as well as field safety equipment provision for a mineral exploration client in China.

Excellent feedback including:

"Compared to other... courses I have attended, this course is really outstanding. The scenarios are quite realistic (I think) and I feel a lot more confident about my ... skills.'


"Content of the course is very useful. Tutors are very professional."


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