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Fieldwork Operations

The R2Ri team have trained client field team members, from exploration geologists in the mineral exploration sector to the UK Environment Agency,  geophysicists and oil sector workers as well as conservation organisation staff, academics, degree and masters degree students, in the UK, North America and Asia, to plan and deliver safe Off Site operations and fieldwork or in the environment specific skills and knowledge needed to operate safely in jungle, desert, bush, arctic, antarctic, mountainous and hostile/austere environments.


The R2Ri team have trained numerous clients operating in the field, including devising specialist programmes including safety, crisis response, Off-Site Safety Management, Wilderness Medical, Survival, kidnap awareness, water safety, communications and much more.

Team members sit on specialist committees responsible for drafting safety standards for UK based and overseas fieldwork and visits – British Standard BS:8848 (which in turn informed the University Safety and Health Association Fieldwork Safety guidance) and exploration geology and fieldwork Health and Safety Committees on leading sector governing bodies overseas. Subject matter experts  on our team, whilst in private practice as lawyers, represented at inquest and successfully defended clients in subsequent litigation in some of the leading Duty of Care cases relating to school trips, fieldwork and expeditions overseas.


The team includes very experienced fieldworkers who have operated in all environments in many regions of the world.

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Delorme in BC Oct 2014
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// Client Testimonials


"I’m naturally a very critical person. I like things correct. I simply cannot think of any improvements what so ever!! ...This course is on par with National Mountain Centre level standards - Glenmore Lodge, Rescue 3, Plas Y Brenin, Plas Menai. It is of that ‘ilk’ in standards and delivery’. Field Team Leader, UK Environment Agency. Remote area medical and Off Site Safety Management training.

'Compared to other... courses I have attended, this course is really outstanding. The scenarios are quite realistic (I think) and I feel a lot more confident about my ... skills.' Field Safety, incident, remote area medical and survival training (as well as field safety equipment provision) for a mineral exploration client in China."


"Content of the course is very useful. Tutors are very professional."

Course review from a very experienced Overseas Disaster Response Paramedic. Click HERE for full article


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