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Fieldwork Operations

Team members have significant experience of providing remote area medical, safety and training services for TV and Media productions including ICON films, Tigress, Discovery, CNN and BBC. Deployment locations have included Belize, Guyana, India and the UK.


The Team includes a former CNN Senior Field Security Advisor and Medical Training Manager (Europe. Middle East and Africa), with on the ground responsibility for safety of journalists in hostile environments.


Team members have also assisted as camera operator, providing stills and pieces to camera as subject matter experts.


Team experience includes working with and supporting “celebrities in the wilderness” type reality shows and survival programmes hosted by celebrities, through to the most prestigious natural history documentaries, hosted by national treasures.


We can provide a full range of services from pre-departure safety consulting and training (including remote location medical, first aid, risk assessment and risk management training, travel health screening, country intelligence reports, country briefings, duty of care education, equipment provision, field skills training, familiarisation training, survival training (including from our ex-military survival instructors, water safety, personal safety and security) to in-country safety and medical support – from a range of providers to suit your budget – from Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Rope Rescue Technicians to advanced first aiders.


We can also deploy multi-skilled safety team members – medics who are rope rescue and water rescue specialists with military backgrounds and (recent) hostile environment experience.


// Client Testimonials


"Compared to other... courses I have attended, this course is really outstanding. The scenarios are quite realistic (I think) and I feel a lot more confident about my ... skills."


"It was superb. Right in the sweet spot for me, has set the benchmark for training, and is very much appreciated." Very experienced remote area TV/ media medic and safety consultant working for the largest safety company in the sector.

"The instructor is clearly a leading expert in the field, extremely knowledgeable and rather inspiring." TV/Media Safety Consultant

"Both days were exceptionally well delivered..." Senior News Media Safety Consultant (hostile environments).

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