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Education Sector

The R2Ri team have trained clients operating in the NGO/ AID & Disaster Response  sectors over the years including in Medical, Risk Management and Safety fields. Our involvement in regularly training NGO's continues to this day.

We have trained delegates from numerous disaster response organisations, marine conservation and other NGO's, from Operation RE:ACT, International Porter Protection Programme, Serve On, Mountain Rescue and more.


We are the remote area medical and risk management training deliver provider to Operation RE:ACT - providing training for their overseas disaster responders, whether they be health care professionals or non health care professionals. 

Click the link to view an article by RE:ACT as a relevant case study, addressing our selection to deliver training for all of their overseas disaster responders.

// Client Testimonials

“The Remote Medical Responder Course with R2Ri was excellent, with detailed course content, plenty of practical scenarios and a highly experienced and professional team of instructors. It was a privilege to be one of RE:ACT’s delegates.”

2022 Testimonial from RE:ACT Disaster Response

All of their International Disaster Responders attend this course


"The Course was 300% better than I expected."


"Fantastic Course."


"The Course was very interesting and taught in a good way to understand."


"Objective achieved."


"Good pace with plenty of relevant info."


"Great Course. Great Instructor."


"Very effective teaching." 


"You have one excellent teacher there."


"The presentation was brilliant, clear and easy to understand. The delivery was also fantastic, clear, knowledgeable and easy to listen to. there were also pictures, handouts, and useful equipment provided throughout, enhancing our learning and understanding."


"Extremely worthwhile, it gave me the tools and knowledge to understand how to protect myself while working outdoors, and improve my understanding of correct protocols to follow to get myself and the group out of dangerous and potentially hazardous situations. The use of direct examples, and extensive knowledge of the man running the course helped cement the information, and give the information more meaning."


R2Ri presented an OSSM course I attended recently. Their instructor has an engaging manner and wealth of key experience, making the course informative, approachable and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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