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“The Remote Medical Responder Course with R2Ri was excellent, with detailed course content, plenty of practical scenarios and a highly experienced and professional team of instructors. It was a privilege to be one of RE:ACT’s delegates.”

2022 Testimonial from RE:ACT Disaster Response

All of their International Disaster Responders attend this course


The R2Ri team have trained numerous clients operating in the voluntary SAR and Overseas Disaster Response Sectors sectors.


Team members have delivered Search team training, medical, Lost Person Behavior courses, Search Planner and Search Manager scenarios and exercises.


The team includes multiple current SAR team members, Mountain Rescue Medical Lead, Off Shore Rescue Team Leaders, ex Lowland Rescue, Water Rescue and ex Mountain Rescue Members.

We run a number of courses that are relevant to SAR teams including First Aid, Medical, Safeguarding, Off Site Safety Management and Lost Person Behaviour Courses. 


R2Ri team members have delivered multi-faceted training courses and scenarios for UK Search and Rescue Teams. These include Remote Medical Responder course for non health care professionals deploying overseas, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support for Mountain Rescue Teams, Risk Management, Wound Care and Dentistry courses for multiple overseas disaster responders amongst others.


Team members have Mountain Rescue, Medical Rescue, Off Shore Rescue, Sheriff's Department SAR team in wilderness areas in the U.S. and UK Lowland Rescue experience.


Team members have taught numerous skills to SAR and Ranger teams and those needing to use SAR capabilities in the field (remote area exploration teams for example). Training has been delivered in England, Wales, Offshore, China, Canada, Peru, USA and elsewhere. This training has included medical (including Mountain Rescue Casualty Care), Remote Area First Aid, Rope Rescue courses (from the UK to Macchu Picchu), the Official Lost Person Behaviour courses (part of our charitable outreach), search skills (theory and practical over numerous field exercises and desk top scenarios), Search Planner training exercises, Off-Site Safety Management courses and much more.


Work with non-commercial SAR teams often forms part of our charitable work.


Contact us for further information and to see how we can assist your team or organisation.

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Course review from a very experienced Overseas Disaster Response Paramedic. Click HERE for full article


// Client Testimonials


Lost Person Behaviour course delivered for members of UK Search and Rescue Teams:


As an organisation, we have a non-profit foundation that delivers specialist training for good causes either free of charge or at cost. This was one of those occasions:


The R2Ri team is fortunate to have a team member who is an instructor for the internationally acclaimed "Lost Person Behaviour" course, used worldwide, having been trained by the author and a world leading authority on the subject (and author of the book of the same name), Bob Koester.


Excellent feedback from delegates:


"Aspects of Lost Person Behaviour that can be applied in real life search and rescue."


"Good presentation, easy to understand."


"I would LOVE to do the two-day course!"


"Excellent delivery open to questions from students."


"Very enjoyable class."




"Many thanks for a well run and informative course."

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